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About the “Heartbleed” internet-wide security bug and how it affects InLinkz and other services

You may have heard about a very serious, internet-wide security flaw in a very common piece of software (the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library) that may allow someone to steal the normally protected information, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. (yes, the whole internet!) You can read about the bug, codenamed “heartbleed” here: (it’s logo […]

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Are InLinkz links nofollow? Will google penalize me for using InLinkz?

Are Inlinkz links nofollow?   The quick answer: is yes, they are nofollow and no, google will not penalize you for using InLinkz.   Now the complete answer: We comply with google webmaster guidelines, & especially the “link schemes” part ( which may be relevant for link parties.   Regarding people that link to parties, outgoing links […]

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Changing the look of the new paging linkup widgets

In a few weeks time (around December 2013) we’ll be adding a style editor with which you will be able to define styles for your Project manager and Linkup widgets.     Until then, you can use a small snippet of code which you can insert in your post or your blog template that will […]

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Create recurring linkups (LinkUp templates /memes)

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could create LinkUp templates and memes in order to save time when you wanted to add a LinkUp? Well now you can! Scroll down to see how.   Saving settings and creating memes By following the described process you can create collections based on previously defined settings.   Note […]

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