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Sorting links

You can now order the links in a collection by three different types. Let’s see how “sorting links” can be achieved.   * Ordering normally places last links at the bottom of the collection. This way usually the first one to enter gets the most views (clicks). * Order randomly. No numbers are attached on […]

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LinkUp winners, validation & notifications

Need to organize a giveaway or challenge with random, selected or voted-for LinkUp winners?   InLinkz now has the capability to pick the winners either randomly, by votes or manually and still let you have total control of the process. This feature is lovingly dedicated to Kathy from Thanks Kathy!   A new item […]

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Support for all kinds of collections

Since has a bad habit of wiping any script tag that goes into the post, this workaround supports all kinds of collections.   Users can have a link to a dedicated page to handle their collection. The image displayed contains the number of links in the collection too. This is how it looks: […]

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Locked blog image submissions

If you need to add a photo from a locked blogspot blog or a facebook account, InLinkz won’t be able to login as it won’t know your password. To see how to make locked blog image submissions read below.   In this case, instead of giving away your password, there are other ways to submit […]

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Two new LinkUp features. Better layouts and optional image cropping for thumblinks

We are glad to introduce you two new LinkUp features. The first includes better layouts and the second optional images cropping for thumblinks. Let’s read on for more details.   A rework in the thumblink layout part of the code shaped things up a bit. Now there is no need for “Layout savers”. The text […]

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Layout-saver (Limit to maximum characters on Name field)

Save your layout! With this option you can set the maximum characters on Name field a user can enter. This way, users cannot ruin your layouts anymore! (Which is very annoying when using thumbnails!)   Just set this option Here we select 50 as the maximum number. You can also set it to No Limit if you […]

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Deleting links from LinkUp as a user

Deleting links from LinkUp as a user   A new feature has been added. Users that enter links in your posts can delete their own links. (eg in case of a faulty entry). Lets say you enter a faulty link (for whatever may the reason be).   Your link now has a small  at the right bottom. […]

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Create & add a LinkUp to blogger

This lesson takes you through the process of creating a collection in the administration interface of InLinkz and putting in in your Blogger blog.   Sign in Sign in your account with your email and password.   Add a collection   Fill in the required data 1) The name which will be displayed on your […]

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Using the InLinkz linkup tool to create a blog party

Using the InLinkz linkup tool to create a blog party, is as easy as watching this video!

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