Create a new product list using the existing shops


This is the general dashboard that you see once you sign in to Inlinkz. You can access Project Manager by using the buttons in the right colunm.
Click “Create a new product list”

Add new collection using shops


You are ready to start creating your first product list.
Fisrt you will learn how to create your lists by just dragging and droping products that are already available through the shops tab.
Go ahead and click “Shops”



When you click on the “Shops” tab you get a drop down box with a number of online shops and manufacturers that we work with.
Go ahead and pick the one you like!


Let’s say we pick SimonSaysStamp in this example


What is this orange exclamation mark?
Are you affiliated with this shop? Then there is a way to connect your Inlinkz Account with your affiliate ID for this shop. Learn more about managing your affiliates here.

Let’s go ahead and make a collection of products using SimonSaysStamp. Type a product name in the search text and click Search


In the example above I searched for “brokern china”. A number of products are available in the shop with that name.
Pick the one you want, double click on it or drag and drop it to the right.
You can create a collection of products in minutes.


The keyword in the text box may result in a large number of products available that match your criteria. Try to use a better keyword or just browse through the results using the paging at the bottom of the screen.
If you see closely in the bottom right corner of each product there are a couple of icons


The first icon (looks like chain) will take you directly on the product’s specific page. This is where your users will be directed also once this list of products will be available in your blog.
The second icon allows you to copy this product in your own library of products. Learn more about adding your own products here.

Reposition of products


Once your products are in your collection you do have the ability to change their order by dragging and dropping.
Just grab products and reposition them!

Combining products from different shops

In your collection you can add products from different shops. Select one of the shops and pick up products to add to your list. Then pick another shop and do the same. There is no restriction to how many shops you can use nor the number of products you can add.
Do you want to link the same product to two different shops? It is possible! Learn more about combining shops here.

Deleting products


Removing a product from your product list is easy.
Just click on the bin that appears in the bottom right corner of each product and the product will dissapear.

Collection Details


Before saving your list of products you need to add some details.
1. Name: The name of the collection is only visible to you from the dashboard. It is also used by the search function so give it a descriptive name
2. Description: The description is reserved for future use. Just copy and paste the name of the collection for now.
3. Columns: This is how many images will display in a row. While you can set it to a specific number, you can also set it to automatic (“Fill width”) so it will take as much space possible in your blog post area. “Fill width” should be used by blogs that have variable width post area so it will display as good as possible in all screen sizes. This is a setting that can be changed even after the collection has been created.
4.Thumb size: Your thumbnails can be from 50 to 150 pixels. This setting can be changed even after the collection creation. When an image is not square, the thumb size represents the bigger dimension. Eg if your image is 600x400px when downsized to a 150px thumbnail, its final size will be 150x100px
5. Display name: It displays the name under the collection’s thumbnails
This is how it looks when it’s turned on. Note the description under each project


And this is how it looks when it’s turned off. Note there is no description under the products.


6. Text-only links: In case you do not want to display thumbnails but still need a trackable collection of links, checking this will just product a linked text list of products.

Save the collection


When you complete all the details of the collection click “Save”.
Congratuations! Your product list is ready and you can now grab the genarated code and paste it to your blog!
By clicking “close” you will be directed to the Project Manager Dashoboard where you can get the code, preview and edit your collection. You can learn more about what you can do there by clicking here.

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