Create your own product library

With the Project Manager tool you can create product lists by dragging and droping from the existing shops but you can also create your own product library to select products from.
Crafters usually do this in order to have a list of products that they own and they can easily search there to create their product lists instead of looking through the shops.
Connecting the products in your library with your affiliate providers is also available.

Where can I find my product library?


Once you login to Inlinkz, click on the “Go to the dashboard” button in the Project Manager column
In the Project Manager Dashboard you have access to your library in the tab “My Links”


If you are just starting your library should be empty.
In this tutorial we will guide you thought the different ways you can add products in your library.

Add products using the dialog form


Click “Add new link” at the top of the dashboard
The dialog below will open


1. Name: This is where you add the name of the product, be as specific as you like! This is only visible by you.
2. Sort Desc: This field can be used if you are planning on connecting one product to two different shops. Add the name of the shop here (e.g SSS for simonsaysstamp, EH for Helen Hutson, IE for Inspiration Emporium etc) You can learn more about combining products HERE
If you don’t plan to use this functionality you can just copy and paste the value of the “name” field here.
3. Displayed name: This is the name of the product, visible to your readers.
4. Tooltip text: This is what will appear when you hover over the product with your mouse. You can just copy and paste the value of the “name” field here.
5. Target URL: Enter here the page URL of the product. This is where your readers will be directed when they click on the product. You can check if the URL you added works correctly click on the little chain icon next to the field.
6. Affiliate provider: If you are affiliated with the shop you are linking the product to, then you can set the name here. The drop down box allows you to select between the affiliates you have set up using Inlinkz. When you select your affiliate click apply and you’ll see that the above URL will change automatically to the affiliate link. You can again click the chain icon if you want to make sure the new link works fine.
Learn more about managing your affiliates and populating this drop down box HERE.
7. Tags: For easier searching through your library you can add tags on your products (e.g paper, tool, stamp, ink etc). Find more about how you can browse through your library below.

Here is an example of the above dialog box complete with product details


You can now add the image of the product bby clicking the “Select Image” button.
The dialog below will open. Notice that there are 3 tabs on the left.


1. Click the “Image URL” tab if you want to insert the image URL yourself.
2. Click the “Picture Upload” tab if you want to upload a picture from your computer.
3. Notice that the “Select from page” button is selected once you open this dialog and the URL of the page is automatically inserted.
Click “Select” and the following dialog will open showing all the images available in that page.


Just select the image that represents your product.
You can now crop or resize the image if you want and then click “OK”


Once you click OK the main “add image” dialog will open and you’ll see that the image of the product is there.


Click “Accept” and the product will appear in your library.


Notice that the item appears first, as the library is sorted by date (latest added product at top).
If you can’t see the product just refresh by clicking Search.
Learn what all these icons below your product do by clicking HERE

Add products using the grabber


In your Project Manager dashboard drag “The Project Manager Grabber” to your browser’s bookmark toolbar.
When you are logged in to Inlinkz the Grabber will be active.
Now just go to the shop you like and find the product you want to add to your library.
In the example below we will add a product from the SimonSaysStamp online shop.

Load the page of the product and click on the grabber that’s already in your toolbar. Make sure you are logged in to Inlinkz.


When you click on the grabber the dialog below will appear.
(If the dialog below does not appear then the remote host of this website does not allow viewing of the images. No worries! You can use the other two ways to add products described in this tutorial)


In this dialog box click on the “Image” button and all the images in this page will pop up and appear with an orange border!
From all those images click on the one that best represents the product.


Once you click on that image it will automatically populate the Image field in the dialog box with the image URL.
Quick and easy isn’t it?!


Now it’s time to add the name and description fields in that dialog box.
Select the title of the product with your mouse (1) and then click Name and Description. Both the fields will be automatically filled with that text. You can of cource choose different text for those two fields. That is totally up to you!
If you are affiliated with this shop and you have set up a connection to the shop’s affiliate provider through our affiliate manager then you’ll be able to find that name in the Affiliate drop down box.


Learn more on how to manage your affiliates and populate this drop down box HERE.
Select the name of the affiliate (if available) and then click Insert.
Congratulations! You just added a new product in your library the easy way!


The product you added will appear first in your library.
If you can’t see the product just refresh by clicking Search.
Learn what all these icons below your product do by clicking HERE

Adding products by cloning them from the available shops


1. In your Project Manager dashboard select the “Shops” tab.
2. Look for the product you like by using the search button
3. Notice that below the product there is a clone icon. Click on that icon and the product will appear in your library!
It doesn’t get any easier than that!

You can now go to your library and edit the details of the product if you like (change the name, add affiliate connection etc.)
Learn more on how you can manage your library products HERE.

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