Help topics

Which widget should I use?

InLinkz 101

Creating a collection and adding it to Blogger.

Export Magic!

Deleting your links as a user

Creating recurring collections (memes)

NeatFit. Another, better layout saver!

Better layouts and optional image cropping for thumblinks

Galleries and product lists with InLinkz

Voting on thumbnails!

Enabling voting on photographs

Adding images from your own computer

Better statistics, participants’ email, more info on dashboard

Advanced voting options

Customizing fonts

Support for all kinds of collections on

Inspecting voting links

Collections visible in both blog and RSS

Sharing blog-hop code the easy way

Automatic winners, validation and notifications

Converting your referrals to time or money

Ordering of links

Email notifications for members of teams

Giveaway options, Design team helpers

Collections with limits on entry count

Advanced linking options

Renumbering of links (and how to avoid it)

Moderating links

Editing link thumbnails !

Easily adding links to the link manager

Changing thumbnail size

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3 Responses to Help topics

  1. Aris says:

    , the linkups will not show up in preview mode (Except if you are using the inlinkz wordpress plugin)

    Moreover the code you sent me is not the correct one as it is missing one part.

    Just grab the blogger code (the new widget code) and put it in your post.

    Maybe this part is removed if you switch between text mode and preview so you can try publishing the post while being in Text mode

    (one more tip is that wordpress removes all scripts if you are editing as a normal editor and not as a user with administrative privileges)

  2. amanda says:

    My membership expired. I’ve just renewed it now. Will all of my link parties be displayed on my blog again?

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