How to get started with InLinkz blogging tools

please take a look, or download the following documents to get started with InLinkz!

About the Linkup tool

About the Project manager


Want to run a linkup or create a gallery/product list ?

First, let’s make running link-ups, parties, contests and challenges easier, shall we ?

In case you just want to run a linkup, follow the steps of this video here:

  • The default linkup settings will probably fit you fine and the first thumbnails linkup is on us so run it and watch your blog traffic increase.
  • Make sure to announce it on twitter/facebook and ask your users to do the same when they enter their links. Just asking people to do so usually has remarkable results!
  • … and people will love you for giving them a chance to put their work in your blog!
want to just create a linkup with just text links? You are most welcome to do so for free, for ever. (these aren’t as pretty as the thumbnails though 🙂


Want to create product lists or galleries of your own links to display on your blog?

Easy!!! Just watch and follow the steps in the following video:

Then put the collection code in your blog and you’re done!

  • People are using the Project manager to create from Recipe lists to Tutorial pages (and much more!)
  • Want to create product lists? Create as many as you want, using the links from our supported crafting shops on the \”shops\” tab for free!
  • If you have an affiliate with some merchant, you can set that up too and make your life easier. No more going back and forth to pick links and run each of them through the affiliate’s site.
  • ..and you can see how much people like each link so you can adjust your collections accordingly for maximum impact
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