Link one product to two different shops

In case you are affiliated with a couple of shops you might want to link the same product to both shops. This will allow your readers to find the product easily on both shops, compare prices and pick their favorite.
Follow the steps as the example below.

Add products


In your collection select a shop and find the product.
In our example I picked a product from SimonSaysStamp.

Now choose another shop and find the same product. Add it to your list just next to the other one.


That would work great. But wouldn’t it look better if you had ONE image linking to two different shops?
See that little chain icon at the bottom left corner of the second product? Just click on it.


The two products are now combined!
Only ONE image will appear in your blog for this product with links to both shops! In case the image of the product is slightly different in each shop keep in mind that the tool displays the first image on each pair.
Here is how it looks on your blog


SSS is for SimonSaysStamp and IE is for Inpiration Emporium.
Clicking on SSS or IE will take your readers to the the shop’s product page.
If you decide that you don’t want these products combined just click on the chain between them.


Happy linking!

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  1. I love this feature – THANKS for adding it!

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