Using the plugin

Installing the InLinkz_scripter plugin in wordpress(.org)

Installing this plugin will allow you enter the code in either preview or HTML, view the actual widget in preview and bypass the SCRIPT remove bug of scheduled posts in WordPress 3.5

Go to your plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard

Go to your plugins menu in the WordPress dashboard

Click add new to add the plugin.

Click on upload and locate the file If you do not have the file, you can download it from the relevant link in the get script page)

Click install now

Activate the plugin and you are all set from here.

Now go to the InLinkz site (

Now go to the InLinkz site (

then sign in and go to the “Linkup tool”

locate the collection and click on the “Get script” tag

Get the small code that mentions it is for the InLinkz_scripter plugin

Please note that there are two InLinkz_scripter codes. The first is for the new dynamic widget (which will be the default in the new InLinkz design) and the second (not shown in picture) is for the older widget.

Just paste it wherever you need it on your WordPress editor (does not matter if it is on preview or HTML mode)
And preview!!!

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