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Project Manager provides the easiest way to monetize your blog in minnutes, especially if you are affiliated with more than one shops.
It removes the pain of having to link to each different Affiliate provider to pick up the links for specific products.

Here is how to connect your affiliate accounts with Inlinkz

Sign In


Once you sign in using your Inlinkz account you have access to your Inlinkz homepage.
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Click on “Manage Affiliates”


In this example let’s suppose you are affiliated with
Since you are affiliated with this shop you have an affiliate account with ShareASale.
Let’s connect yout Inlinkz account with your affiliate ID to SimonSaysStamp. This will allow Inlinkz to generate affiliate links for you every time you link SSS products using the Project Manager.

Select your affiliate provider


From the drop down box select your affiliate provider.
In our example ShareASale and click “Add Affiliate”

Fill in your details


The above form you have to fill all the details of your shareasale account.

1.Shop name: this is set by default to “shareasale” but you can change it to the name of the shop. In our case SimonSaysStamp

2. You must fill in a number of fields. Make sure you login to shareasale so you can pick up your User ID, Merchant ID and Banner ID.
This is a job you have to do just once.
You can find more detailed instructions on where to find all those values if you click on the little help icons on the right of the screen.

Click Done.

Is my Inlinkz account connected with my affiliate for a certain shop?


It’s easy to find out if you did connect your affiliate account correctly.
Try to create a new product list using Project Manager.
In the shops tab select a shop. If next to the shop you can see an orange exclamation mark then you haven’t set up an affiliate.


If you see a check mark next to a shop’s name then you know you have already setup an affiliate connection for this shop.

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