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Uploading linkup links even when the remote host does not allow viewing the images

If for any reason InLinkz is unable to fetch your images from your blog, you can still add your LinkUp links.   To do so, you will need to upload the picture you want to put as a thumbnail from your computer. Just click on the “Upload” tab and load your image.   If your image is only […]

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New “Add links to LinkUps” page

This is a whole new way to add links to linkups that it is optimized for as few clicks as possible while providing feedback to the users about the links they added in blogs around the blogosphere.   The new link page works as usual. Just click on the “Add your link” button. You will […]

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Adding links to LinkUps – new widget

Adding Links to LinkUps via Inlinkz   Let’s see how we can add a link on the new Inlinkz widget: Clicking on the “Add your link” button, will bring up a dialog box:   Filling the dialog box:   The outline of the page is as follows: From here you can navigate back to the […]

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